Arthouse Coffees Presents: Living Room

Support the Indie Gogo Campaign to help fund the new shop!

Art House Coffees is thrilled to announce the Fall 2014 opening of our new roasting headquarters, coffee shop and bakery called Living Room!  To help us with the final startup purchases, we launched an Indie Gogo crowd-funding campaign.  We are so proud to offer exclusive perks that will only be available during the campaign--things like a years worth of baguettes, growlers of Bitt's Cold Press Concentrate, lifelong discounts, and more.  Even if you can't throw down $$ this time around, please share our campaign page with any coffee/bread enthusiasts in your life!  And of course, please stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the opening date of Living Room.


Arthouse Coffees : Living Room
2808 Sutton Blvd . Maplewood . MO . 63143            or 314-306-7626